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Betting Glossary

Asian Handicap  : It's a special bet that allows an advantage of goals before the match starts. For example: If there is an advantage of +1 goal for the away team, the home team must win by at least 2 goals difference (2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 3-0 etc.). If there is a draw, the player get back his stake.

Arbitrage : It's a bet on an event which ensures secure profit. The player may have a sure profit, by appropriately combining the odds of the market, regardless of the final outcome of the event which he bet. Example: On a football match between Arsenal and Liverpool, a player can find Arsenal to win at 2.10 odds on bookmaker A and Liverpool to win at 2.25 odds on bookmaker B. If the player bets an amount of money at both wins, will have a guaranteed profit, regardless if Arsenal or Liverpool win.

Betting exchange : Bets without the mediation of a Bookmaker. A player does not buy an odd for a match from a Bookmaker, but from another player who can offer better odds for this match. Essentially, it's the feature that some companies offer, where the player becomes a bookmaker.

Bookmaker : Also called 'bookie'. Is the one who generate odds on events and then accept bets on those events.

Clean Sheet : A special bet in which the player bets if a team will accept or not any number of goals during a match.

Correct Score : A special bet where the player bets on the final result of a match.

Dog : Also known as 'Underdog'. The team which have the highest odd and is relatively difficult or impossible to win.

Double Chance : With this kind of bet, the player predicts the 2 of 3 possible outcomes of an event (Example: At a football match between Juventus and Milan, the player can bet on 1X if he believes that Milan will not win).

DNB (Draw No Bet) : A special bet where the player bets on a home or away team. If the result is a draw, the player gets back his stake (1.00 odd).

European Handicap : A bet in which one team has full advantage relative to the opponent. There are three possible outcomes, unlike the Asian handicap.

Favorite : The team with the lowest odds in a match and is assumed to prevail.

First Goal (First team to score) : A special bet in which the player predict which team will score first, regardless of the final score.

First Goal Minute : Special bet in which the player predicts the exact time of the first goal in a match, regardless of the team.

First Half bet : A bet in which the player bets the result of the first half of a match.

Half time / Full time : A special type of bet in which the player is required to match the result of a match at half-time, and also the final result.

Live Betting : A bet during a match. A sportsbook offers odds on events related to the match. The odds are vary and changing throughout the duration of a match.

Mobile Betting : A feature that bookmakers give to their players, to place their bets via mobile phones.

Odds : The odds for an event. They determine the profit that can occur if the bet won. There are three types of odds: Decimal, fractional and American. Outcome : The result of a match.

Postponed Match : An abandoned match (example: due to heavy rain). In such cases, a Bookmaker implements its own policies. Some bookmakers calculate this match as a single unit of 1.00, while others await the replay of the match in the next few days.

Stake : The amount a player bets on a match.

Tipster : People who give tips and advices.