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What is Under / Over 2.5 goals?

This type of bet represents the total goals of a game.Generally the bookmakers offer bets for under 2,5 goals (without a goal, 1 or 2 goals scored) or over 2,5 goals (3 or more goals).In this type of bet, there is no draw, which means that you have 50% chance to win.



Match Over 2,5 goals Under 2,5 goals
Liverpool - Arsenal 1.90 1.95


Consider that you bet £ 100 on Under 2.5 goals, then you will win if the game ends with 0, 1 or 2 goals in total. You win £ 195 and your profit is 195 - 100 =  £ 95. If the game ends with 3 or more goals scored , you lose your stake. For some games the bookmakers offer under/over 3 goals.

It is possible to use Under/Over on other sports. Lets examine a basketball game.


Match Over 170 Under 170
Los Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls 1.91 1.85


Consider that you bet 100 on Under 170. If the game ends with any score under 170 total. Your profit is 185 - 100 = £ 85. If the game ends with more than 170 points, you lose your stake. If the game ends with exact 170 points,it means the bet is a push and no wager. You get your stake back.

In the NBA games, extra-time counts for this bet. However, some of the bookies do not count in the extra times for Euro Basket games. Be aware of this when you are thinking of betting on Under / Over.