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Single bet

Single bet or simply "single". This is the standard and the simplest way to bet. Single bet is a bet placed on just one selection or market, allowing you to earn some profit by guessing just one match correctly


Match 1 Х 2
Roma – Palermo 1.50 3.50 5.00

For this match the bookmaker offering 1.50 for home win, 3.50 for draw and 5.00 for away win. 

Consider that you bet £ 100 for home win, then if Roma wins, you win £ 150. Your profit is 150 - 100 = £ 50. If  the final result is a draw or Palermo wins, then you lose your bet.

If you bet £ 100 on a draw and the result of the match is a draw then your profit is £ 250 (350-100=£ 250) .If home or away team wins, you lose your bet. 

The last option is to bet for away team to win, in that case Palermo. If your bet is £ 100 and Palermo wins, then your profit is  £ 400 (500-100 = 400). If  the final result is a draw or Roma wins, then you lose your bet.

#The same way works single bets in basketball, baseball, tennis and others, but there is no draw, i.e. has a 50% chance to win

#Some bookmakers do not offer the opportunity to bet on singles.  In such a situation, it is recommend to keep your money in your pocket rather than risking to lose them by combining few games